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Today I was checking my emails and a new email came in from my contact form on my website and to my surprise, It was a High School student aspiring to be a photographer I’m going to post her email below and share my answers to her questions! It made me so Happy that she reached out to ask these questions! If this can help anyone aspiring to be a photographer than I want to share it! I feel like it would have helped me when I first started!

“Hello,  I am currently a student at Turlock High School. As we graduate we complete a senior portfolio with information about what we want to become and what we will do after high school. I am required to interview someone with the profession I wish to pursue. I would greatly appreciate if you answered the following questions below and send the answers back to me in email if you can. Thank you”

Around how many hours in a day are spent towards your profession? during the week anywhere from 3-6 (depending if I have a photoshoot) On weekends I’m usually at a wedding and including travel time anywhere from 8-12 hours per day!

What are three aspects you like about your job? Why? I Like meeting new people, I love the way I can make people feel through my photographs & I Love actually taking photos and being creative. Why, Its A fun and meaningful job and I have met so many amazing people along this amazing journey!

What do you wish people would know about your job? Why? I wish people knew that its only about 15% taking photos and 85% editing, answering emails, client meetings/phone calls, prepping/cleaning gear, charging batteries, scheduling, prepping & paying taxes, driving to and from shoots/weddings, backing up photos to different hard drives, culling images, keeping up with social media accounts, marketing/advertising. On wedding days I act and a coordinator, planner, sometimes I have to bustle dresses, I have to calm my couples down if something goes wrong or it rains the list goes on and on.

I don’t feel like people really understand that’s while yes it’s an amazing job, It truly is HARD work! It’s much more than just taking photos!

Are there some aspects of your job you do not enjoy? Why? I don’t always enjoy editing, It takes a long time and everything has to be perfect, It’s my least favorite part!

How long did it take for you to get your name and business out? I was blessed to have a huge following with my old partner in our business as Hello Gorgeous Photography, we were solely a word of mouth business, and gratefully our couples still follow me now as Let it be Photography! Its all about having a good referral base!

In your job have you ever had to take risks that could have potentially put you in danger? How? other than the normal traveling to destinations all over the world, trusting that in other countries I’m not going to be killed, no not really hahahahah

Were there any other jobs you considered abore deciding on photography? Why? I always wanted to be in a profession helping others, I worked with mentally challenged people prior to becoming a photographer, but after having my oldest son I realized I wanted to be home with him, so I picked up photography because I could create my own schedule.

At any point did you ever feel like quitting? Why? Yes, Every once in a while I feel so intimated by so many amazing new photographers who pop up and charge next to nothing, which makes me question if people will pay my prices knowing they can go somewhere else cheaper. But I have realized people come to me and pay what I charge because they love me, and the experience I give. They pay for me and that makes me feel like I’m here for a reason!

Do you have any advice for others who want to follow the same profession as you? Yes, Do all the legal parts first file for a business, pay your taxes, reach out to photographers you look up to ask them to have lunch with you, try to shadow them to make sure this is something you want to do! SHOOT FOR FREE TO GAIN EXPERIENCE. Make sure you have experienced before you try to charge someone to shoot their wedding, it’s a day that can’t be “Re-Done” make sure you have the proper gear. The first year I started doing weddings I worked for another photographer I looked up to, I shot for an entire year for free!!! I carried bags and watched and learned, I shot weddings for 3 YEARS before I felt comfortable enough to shoot someone else’s wedding on my own let alone charge money for it!

What skills do most people in photography make and how can they avoid those mistakes? basically all the above not having enough experience, or having the proper professional gear needed, make sure before you shoot a wedding you have at least a camera with 2 memory card slots so that god forbid something happens to your memory card you have backups, If your shooting just sessions than I feel like you can have a basic camera for that, sessions can be redone! weddings cant!

Thank you so much for choosing me, I feel so honored. I wish you the best of luck as you pursue photography. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever have!


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